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The Inspiration and Purpose of the Remarkable Journey (RJ) Pumpkin Patch THE BITTERSWEET STORY OF RJ AND HIS REMARKABLE                           JOURNEY IN LIFE AND FAITH In the fall of 2011 we became aware of a little boy named RJ. When RJ was two years old he was diagnosed with cancer. Things looked good for a while, but when RJ was four years old the cancer had returned. The outlook was not good. RJ and his family had planned to come and spend a fun day with us at the corn maze, but he got pneumonia and it was better for him to stay inside so they were never able to visit us. Then one day RJ displayed his faith in Jesus as his Savior by announcing to some of his family that had gathered with him (at his request), “I go to heaven now.” Three hours later he died peacefully. Knowing the family’s need for financial help, instead of selling our pumpkins the last two weeks of our corn maze season last year, we asked people to make a free will donation to help support RJ’s family. The family was very appreciative of the money but said that knowing that complete strangers were praying for them and were willing to help them meant so much more. So we have decided to give away our pumpkins again this year and hope you will make a donation in return.  All money will go to help other families in need. If you know of a family that could really use some help, please tell us and we will see what we can do. Since RJ’s passing we have had the opportunity to go out for supper with RJ’s parents, aunts and uncles and have met his grandma. They wanted to thank everyone for helping, and some of them are planning to come see us this fall. HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR KIDS TODAY?
Closed  for the 2018 Season We hope to be back in business next fall, but that  decision won’t be definitely made until next year.